Elissa Rudolph

Who Is Elissa? Who I am NOT!

Not Elissa, the Lebanese singer, not the 1877 Tall Ship Elissa moored in Galveston harbor, not a descendant of 1940s actor, Elissa Landi, not channeling the Phoenician princess called Dido by Virgil, I am a 21st century Elissa unique in my own way. Click here to see other Elissas with whom I have at least one characteristic in common - our name!.

This webpage is your link to many of my ideas, visions, plans, and dreams for American Mensa as I serve out another 2-year term, my last. I have uploaded my E-Letter columns that appear in each issue of the American Mensa Bulletin as well as other writings.

My future plans include running for International Chairman of Mensa; the election is in May this year. See www.elissarudolph.com for more international discussions.

Florida Highwaymen Paintings

Mensa EventsFirst Quarter of 2013

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During the last half of 2012, I traveled over 40,000 air miles attending Mensa gatherings. In June I was in Reno, NV, for American Mensa's Annual Gathering, then to Stockholm for EMAG in August (European Mensas AG), to Bali, Indonesia for AMAG in September (Asian Mensas AG), to Dubrovnik, Croatia, in October for the International Gathering, and I ended my 2012 worldly meanderings in early December in New Orleans for an American Mensa board meeting. Then I put my suitcases away for a while. My interactions with Mensans in the U.S. and many others abroad, especially in the Pacific Rim show me how truly global Mensa is - we speak "Mensa" along with our Italian, Finnish, Korean, or Indonesian languages.

Mensa International's website connects members all over the world - potentially 110,000+ cyperpals. If you are a Mensan reading this, check out the forums where Ms discuss everything under the sun. EMAG is described in "A Swedish Experience" and "Bali Time" paints a picture of AMAG.

Visit my Giraffics page to find information about my editing and proofing freelance business. I now have a separate website just for Giraffics. It was a fun site to create! Meet GiGi the Giraffe!

Visit the Highwaymen page to learn about a very special group of Florida artists.