Elissa Rudolph

Who Is Elissa? Who I am NOT!

Not Elissa, the Lebanese singer, not the 1877 Tall Ship Elissa moored in Galveston harbor, not a descendant of 1940s actor, Elissa Landi, not channeling the Phoenician princess called Dido by Virgil, I am a 21st century Elissa unique in my own way. Click here to see other Elissas with whom I have at least one characteristic in common - our name!.

This webpage is your link to many of my ideas, visions, plans, and dreams I had while I was Chair of American Mensa. My E-Letter columns appeared in the American Mensa Bulletin. As Chair of Mensa International (2013-2015), I contributed just a few columns per year to the Mensa World Journal.

My future plans include expanding my editing/formatting business, Giraffics, helping even more doctoral students navigate their way through graduate review and graduation. www.giraffics.biz

Florida Highwaymen Paintings

Mensa EventsLast Quarter of 2015

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Now I am a former chair of Mensa International, and a plain vanilla member of Mensa in the U.S. Ah, but it is nice to be "unofficial" for the first time in about 15 years. It's been great in many ways - glad to have had the opportunity. Next year, I hope to travel to Poland to do some research on the paternal side of my heritage. Stay tuned!

Mensa International's website connects members all over the world - potentially 125,000+ cyperpals. If you are a Mensan reading this, check out the forums where Ms discuss everything under the sun. EMAG is described in "A Swedish Experience" and "Bali Time" paints a picture of AMAG.

Visit my Giraffics page to find information about my editing and proofing freelance business. I now have a separate website just for Giraffics. It was a fun site to create! Meet GiGi the Giraffe!

Visit the Highwaymen page to learn about a very special group of Florida artists.

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